All decor and apparel purchases involve color. Whether it's matching a product to a home color scheme or matching different pieces of an outfit, the importance of color cannot be understated.



The human eye can distinguish about 10,000,000 colors, but the average website shows a palette of 16 colors to help shoppers narrow their search.

Why haven’t retailers solved the color-search conundrum? It’s not because the problem has gone unnoticed.  Around 52 percent of shoppers said it was difficult to search for furniture by color online, with 33 percent having difficulty searching for apparel.

You can't match two products without knowing their true colors. Vishion is the only application that provides suggestions based on a products true color data.


Many shoppers, 55 percent to be exact, have abandoned a purchase due to concern over finding matching items. If products lack the proper color identification,  retailers can’t suggest products that actually match.

Vishion helps shoppers Complete the Look as they shop for home decor and apparel.  Our suggestion algorithms are always improving, using artificial intelligence to track trending fashion and color combinations in real-time to provide shoppers in-style looks. 



REturns made & user experience DECLINE

Shoppers not only suffer from search difficulties, but also from receiving items that are a totally different color compared to the product image online. The color error and disappointment from shoppers leads to unnecessary disappointment and costly product returns.

Merchandise returns account for more than $351 billion in lost sales for U.S. retailers, with 70 percent of apparel is returned due to wrong size or color. Of the shoppers we surveyed, 47 percent had returned a product because it was a different color than expected. 

Product color data enhanced

If a product image isn’t accurately portraying the color of the product, you can’t rely on the data pulled from the image to identify its color. That is why Vishion is taking the steps to better identify the products true color for retailers.

We've partnered with Color Solution's International to find and catalog the product's existing color data. 

If you're a retailer ready to improve your product data, connect with Vishion today to join our pilot program.

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